Tax Planning

Inheritance tax is not just for the rich

With the mention of Inheritance Tax, most people simply dismiss the possibility that their estate could ever be liable, assuming it is a tax paid only by the rich…

…this is far from the truth.

Take a moment to add up the value of all your assets - your home, personal possessions, savings, investments, life assurance and even your car…

…if this adds up to more than £325,000 - on your death, the taxman will deduct 40% tax from the value of any assets over this figure that you will pass on!.

So, as you can see - this is a very real tax and can effect more people than it would first appear - and at a rate of 40% for everyone, it can be very costly for those inheriting.

Assessing your Inheritance Tax liability

The inheritance tax Nil Rate Band stands at £325,000 for the current tax year, which basically means that if the value of your estate (all your possessions, including your house) exceeds £325,000 - then your heirs may have to pay tax on everything above this at a rate of 40% when you die.

Your house is the most obvious asset, but there may be many others, for example savings and investments, pensions, jewellery, collectibles, as well as other items of value you own including a business. In addition, there are other items which may be chargeable to IHT which you need to consider.

We are unable to provide you with advice on tax planning however we can introduce you to a specialist.

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Information regards taxation levels and basis of reliefs are dependent on current legislation, individual circumstances are not guaranteed and may be subject to change

The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate Inheritance Tax Planning and Will Writing


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